Thursday, 5 July 2012

WoC, Brets and a current change to my list

Had a a view games against Neil Williamson and his WoC and Brets. Which I lost to his Brets aboot 16-4, 15-5 and beat his WoC 12-8, 13-7.... would have been 20-0 if I didn't fail three Ldr 9 rolls on the last turn giving up 1000pts, but anyways. Games were really fun and enjoyed me self heaps.

Now onto the changes.

1. Bring back the Anvil of Dooo(kaboooom). Gives me little friends the chance at being more mobile and getting the jump on some people in the shooting faze with that charge.

2. Lose the Str Grudge Thrower completely.

3. Upgrade one of the Warriors blocks Longbeards.

4. Drop the Rangers upgrade from the Quarrelers and give it to the Longbeards.

5. Drop the Dispell scroll completely, seeing how the Anvil gives me 4 static dispell dice, I figure that a re-rollable save on the Runelord would be better.

6. Give the Longbeards and Hammerers Rune of Slowness, this thing is great for the points its worth, the chance of stopping a critical charge is even at 6 inches away is great.

Normal Deployment would work around the lines of putting the Anvil right at the back and having   cannon pretty much right beside it giving it some covering fire and the two organ guns deployed right on the 12" line while keeping close to the anvil. Put the Quarrelers between the two organ guns while deploying the Hammerers and warriors right up and Scouting the longbeards along with them.

My reasoning on drop the Grudge Thrower is because, its deals with blocks well, but my Longbeads, Warriors and Hammerers do that just as well. And also given the fact that even with the accuracy rune I'm still only going to have 2-3 good hits with it a tournament.

So the list at the moment looks like this:

Runelord, AoD, Ro Resistance, Ro Preservation, Ro Stone, Shield, Ro the Furnace-368

BSB, MRo Challenge, MRo Gromril, Ro Resistance-165
Dragon Slayer, Ro Fire, Ro Speed-60

30 Longbeard Rangers, GW, FC, Ro Slowness-465
30 Warriors, GW, FC-350
16 Quarallers, GW, Musician-229

29 Hammerers, FC, Ro Slowness-398
Cannon, Ro Forging, Engineer-140

Organ Gun-120
Organ Gun-120


  1. Interesting thinking there mate - but you cant use the same Rune combo more than once so only one unit can have the RO Slowness, unless the 2nd adds another rune to its banner in addition to it.

  2. Oh snap, your right there John, rookie move I must admit. Ill just add an ancestor rune or something cheap to fix it.

    Cheers for that.