Sunday, 15 July 2012

A horde of Dwarfs

Thinking aboot running a 60 strong unit of Dwarf warriors... with great weapons of course. I mean instead of two units of 30 which are reasonably good at holding there own, why not sixty with ten wide and 6 deep, same ranks as a 30 man unit but win an extra 10 attacks, yes its less flexible then two units but with a lot of the games I will play, I'll usually just castle up in a corner as my default 'tactic'. I've managed to get lucky these past two months and have gotten a lot of practice games in, I mean over twenty (the term brake as helped a lot) and my list is forever changing, even the list I posted a few days ago I've changed... a lot.

My main struggle is the anvil, one game it works great and want to merry the bloody thing, the next game I'm sitting there moaning, groaning and mumbling about how I failed to strike a rune three times in one game, that really happened, NEVER TRUST DICEHAMMER!

But there are plenty of things that I constantly change, like my grudge throwers, should I take them or shouldn't I? Should I take a third character or.... It's hard to sleep at night, I know right, when people start to get insomnia over toy soldier lists thats a problem within itself, but oh well.

But I guess I'll just have to make a list that I'll enjoy playing as well as making it competitive, we'll see. But yes the list will evolve a lot of shooting and dice rolling in the shooting phase, something that I love to do, and yes the castle will be my fallback point, which again I love doing. I agree that to some people it looks boring and two dimensional but those two things are what I love about the Dwarfs.

But I'll post my final list the day before Call to Arms so that there is turning back.   

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