Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Call to Arms less then a month away

Well Call to Arms is less and month away and I'm really looking forward to it. But at the moment, out of 110+ people registered, there are only 17-18 people that are playing fantasy... at moment, hopefully there will be more. Don't know why there is such a small number though? I think 40k hasn't done much better, but I can see why some people are a bit reluctant on playing a new rule book that is not even a month old.

But like I said in my last post, my list keeps changing ever so slightly (I also forgot that one of the tournament rules is that unit cannot cost no more then 450pts so my idea of a 60 Warriors horde is throne out the window!) but I will stay with my five war machine premise as it tends to scare the crap out of people. Specially with all those re-rolls at my disposal. But with my nice rolling I'm pretty much just GIVING YOU 830+ pts ;D.

But here's a friendly tip on how my whole tactic is going to work during the tournament. Slowly come at me while I deplete your units to a fighting capability that's nice and comfortable for me! (All this while I'm castling! And for Blood and Glory... Centre Castle! Hey, I enjoy it, so it must be OK!

In theory that is.

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