Monday, 7 May 2012

Horned Rat V first two games

Well, Horned Rat was a complete success... for me anyways. Got my first tournament win, and it was a 20-0!... it was woddies, but we'll just not mention that ;D. I also almost tripled my VPs from Runefang (14 or 16) and got 39 this weekend! Which was all very good :D.

Here is my analysis of the first two games.

Game 1: Tom Dunn's Daemons, well lets face it, I had no chance of pulling a win or even a tie out of this, his list was solid az! (But his 5+ Daemonic saves were just criminal) The only things I managed to kill was some chaff... and Billy (Bloodthirster General) but other then that it was pretty much just eye bleed for the rest of the game, in a seance I mean. I really enjoyed the game though and Tom was a great opponent. 19-1 LOSS! (I was quiet pleased I got a point out of that game. lol

Game 2: James Millington's Skaven. No Bell, no abom, no gutter-runners. WTF. He did have a double doomwheel though. But the game was close has they could come, it really came down to a banner in the last turn to decide it. Even with James not bringing the "Must haves" I still had a hell of time killing anything. One thing that I did wrong was that I lost my nerve and used my challenge rune one the first turn, should have waited... BUT... oh well. Combat was pretty straight forward, Stormvermin went into the hammerers, Slaves went into one warriors block, clan rats went into ANOTHER warriors block, and the Slaves went into... AW... aw, you guessed it, a warriors block. Combat ensued and at the end of turn 3 there was lots of dead little people. At the end of turn 4, I had my hammerers chasing down a unit of Clanrats with a character in it, and he had his units of Rat Ogres with a Killy warlord chasing down a unit of warriors, he also had some his last Slaves unit and his last Doomwheel cleaning up my artillery, but just before my cannon died, I managed to snipe the last Stormvermin with it to get the points :D.
12-8 LOSS!

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