Thursday, 3 May 2012

Horned Rat lists

I have had a look through the lists that have been emailed and some of them look pretty nasty. The theme is looking like a lot of shooting, which I have contributed to with my two organ guns...hehe :D.

One of the wood elf lists is something like 60+ shots a turn, ouch... Other lists consist of just Skinks and Slann basically, I can see that list doing very well accept for the fact that it won't be able to pull of a 20-0 because in my opinion its lacks the punch to do so, or I could be very wrong.

Tom's list just make's sad, I mean If I do come up against this list, I'll really have to think fast (Like Peter Dunn posted on his blog) that an army which consists of what, 4+ units that move 20" and one of them being a Bloodthirster! Yikes.

Sam Whitts list... traitorous swine's (Chaos Dwarfs)... well lets see, this is just my theory, lets the Destroyer run around and wreck house, while his range units give it support. Hold back any melee units UNLESS (that's a pretty big unless mind you) the Destroyer comes into a bit of trouble.

The one that grabs my interest the most is the other Dwarf list (Matthew Hassall's). His lists consists of some Shields warriors (28) and a block of GW warriors (29) pretty standard, but then, he's also included some Thanes of pain, including his BSB. Intriguing, I'm not saying its bad or a stupid idea, its just an interesting idea on Matt's part. Also a group of 15 miners, this block can be very dangerous against an army who has left a gap open or a warmachine that has not been covered properly. He's also spotting a group of 20 Hammerers, in my opinion, I don't think it has enough bodies, 30-40 is where you want to be at 2400 points, I mean that wood elf army with a bazillion shots could make easy work of it, mind you if the dice odds are with him.

But it shall be an interesting couple of days and I'm really looking forward to it! 

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