Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Five Warmachines!?

I had a couple of games against a WE army last weekend, and under the Call to Arms comp, I decided I would try and play with five warmachines (without a Master Engineer). Specifically... Two Grudge Throwers with Accuracy, one with one pen rune (one with burning as well), and the other with two. Two Organ Guns, and a cannon with forging (and maybe burning) all with Engineers besides the Organ guns.

Now against WE's this worked really well, the first game I never miss-fired so that was a bonus, but the second game still saw them as M.V.P of my army. Tress don't like fire. Now when it comes to five warmachines and really only four blocks to protect them, one with scout so I the Rangers might not always be there to cover a flank.

Things like the Comet will just ruin my day, like they always have ;D. So theres a nice tip... DON'T bring the comet ;D.


  1. The dwarf list I am planning has four war machines - two cannons, one grudge thrower and an organ gun - I am yet to test it (as they're still being built) but seems good. I was wondering why you went for two GTs over cannons. You fear the large blocks more than big gribblies?

  2. Well in my opinion, GT's are as good as cannons (with an accuracy rune mind you) because if you aim over a abom or hydra and get a direct hit, your hitting them with a str 8, 9 or possibly 10 hit with D6 wounds (burning on the Str 4 is a must for regen), so it does the same thing as a cannon but its malty purpose, so its a great block killer but also a good monster hunter as well.

    1. That's a fair point. I hadn't considered that really, I suppose most go with the cannon because it is easier to hit with - no scatter.

      I might have to give it a go with two some point.

    2. You should! Well worth it when it comes to Skaven and Dark Elves when it comes to their blocks and monsters.