Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Call to Arms draws closer

Call to Arms is only 'aboot' a fortnight and a bit away. I do wish the numbers for fantasy were better but all is well. As long as I'm getting five games and a good time, with pies and 'energy' drinks... *cough* *cough* booze on the side, it will be a really good tournament. Hopefully the bring and buy table has some stuff that I might like.

Current list (and most likely one that will come with me to the tournament) is:

Runelord, Balance, Resistance, Scroll, Stone, Furnace, Shield
BSB, Gromril, Resistance, Challenge
Master Engineer, Stone, GW, Pistols
30 Warriors, GW, FC
30 Warriors, GW, FC
29 Hammerers, FC
14 Quarallers, Shields, Musician
Grudge Thrower, Str 4, Accuracy, Burning, Engineer
Grudge Thrower, Str 5, Accuracy, Engineer
Cannon, Forging, Engineer
Organ Gun
Organ Gun

Let the eyes.................... ROLL!

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