Friday, 22 June 2012

Old Glory M10's

My two packets of M10 Tank Destoryers from old glroy (six in total) just arrived today, put them together, basecoated and painted/drybrushed the tracks at the moment. And I must say, there really nice models, and the price is really worth it two, I think I spend a total of 35-40 dollars for both packets. I only needed four of them, one of the spare is going to a friend, and that leaves me with one spare.

Ill put up some pics when I'm finished painting them, which will be Tuesday at the earliest because thats when I can get the preverd paints for the allied scheme colour scheme I want.

Next order will be three Staurt V's (M3A3's) for my Recce platoon then next will come four Sexton SPG's then thirteen Shermans and Three Fireflys.

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