Monday, 4 June 2012

A few more dead Wood Elves

Had a few more games against Gavin and his Wood Elves, Won the first game 20-0 and lost the second game 16-4 due to me being bored and wanting to deploy my warmachines BY THEMSELVES!

But yea, really fun games and I really enjoyed my self.

His army consisted of a BSB, Level 4 Beasts general, and an elf that shoots five shots on twos! (I think it was a waywatcher lord?) two units 5 Glade Guard, 30 Archers, 6 Treekin, 24 Dryads, a great eagle, and 6 waywatchers.

Again, really fun game and a good way to spend the afternoon.

On another note, saw the results from NiCon, with Peter Dunn at the top, fantastic stuff Pete. And the only Dwarf player in the middle, which is rather good for Dwarfs if you haven't yet caught on -  Dwarfs in the middle means (in our minds anyways) we came FIRST!

But congrats to all the winners and I am sure they had an awesome time ;D

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