Saturday, 25 February 2012

Masterton Marauders meeting

Todays meeting at the Masterton Marauders was fantastic. Peter and Chris to a great job at showing people Warmachine, everyone seemed to enjoy the game and it was awesome.

My game agianst Neil Williamson went great... some lucky rolls as well. The game was really decided by turn 5 and before that the game could have gone either way. I ended up snaging a 20-0 win with the help of my Anvil of Doo(kaab)ooom with those charges in the shooting phase (which means the unit can't make a charge reaction and must hold) and with the Peg Knigts fleeing off the table on turn 1! From my shooting with my rangers, which was a big help because I left my right flank wide open. I also figured that if I got in the early charges it would stop his Knights Errant and Realm Knights from getting those devisating charges in. My unit of 30 GW Warriors were held up for 2 or 3 turns agianst 30 Men at Arms, it actually was for the greater good, with my warriors in combat agianst the MaA, the Knights couldn't charge me and when I finally beat the MaA, I managed to reform and then charge into the flank of the General/BSBs unit :D

Good game Neil.


  1. Neil's a fantastic guy and always fun to play against. You'll learn very quickly against him. His son Peter is one of the best players in the country and will also teach you quite a few lessons.

    If you or the other Masterton guys are ever over this side of the Ranges the Palm Nth club meets on Thursday nights from 7.30pm

  2. Hey thanks John for the comment. Neil and is son are great players, and they are a hell of a challenge when facing them. Also, will you be attending Runefang V next week?

  3. Yeah Ill be there got spousal permission so good to go :)