Saturday, 18 February 2012

2400pt Tournament list (Dwarfs)

Here is my list I'll be bringing to Runefang V, thought I have not had any practise with the list but with all the reasearching and posting I've dont on various forums, I think this list will do just fine.

Runelord: Shield, Rune of Stone, Master Rune of Balance, Rune of Spelleating-248

BSB: Rune of Resistance, Rune of Preservation, Rune of the Furnace, Rune of Fire, Rune of Stone-150
Thane: MR of Challenge rune, rune of stone-95

30 warriors with great weapons, full command-325
34 warriors, shields, musician, standard-321
16 rangers, crossbows, musician-213

5 ironbreakers, musician-70
29 hammerers, full command, 5+ ward to shooting banner-428
Cannon, rune of forging, rune of burning, engineer-145
Grudgethrower, rune of burning-85 (Made from sprue)
Bolt thrower, engineer-60

Organ gun -120

Now the general tactic for this army is not to castle in the corner of one flank (refused flank) but to castle in the centre back of the table, the one thing the worries me is the Lore of Heavens big shasam! Which is the comet, which will just wreck my lines, but thats where the Rune of Spelleating comes into play, gets rid of it for a turn and has a 50/50 chance for an eye roller :D. Now having a grudge thrower without Rune of Accuracy or Rune of Penetration is sort of ify but I seem to have a problem where if I start to spend points on my GT, like for example; adding two runes of pen on it and rune of accuaracy (which is around 150+ points, it becomes target #1 for most oppenents such as Skaven and O&C) and I lose it by turn one or two, where as if I just have it with rune of burning its only an 85pt loss and people will be less inclined on destorying it. The GT in this is list is sort of an inaccurate cannon to hunt army generals with and possibly a horde killer if the dice gods favor me... which in most cases they don't, BUT they love watching me roll two misfires and a one on my cannon on the first bloody turn :(. The challenge thane is just a nice touch so if there is a unit which looks scary and might give my dwarfs the shakes, I can just re-direct them into my shield warriors which should hold them up long enough for back up to arrive... hopefully ;D. Other then that, the rest of the list is pretty basic. Rune lord with MR of balance which is a complete punch in the face to any oppenent that uses magic quite heavly, but I'm still not quite sure if I should stick with the R of spelleating or have two runes of spellbreaking. Some rangers to deploy on week flanks and gyrocopter (which I got off trademe for only $30) will come into play for the first time, I've got high hopes for this flying dwarf and hopefully, the flame gun will do some damage to things like skaven, O&C, Empire, really anything with T-3.


  1. Hi Simon

    Interesting looking list, the Spelleating Rune is pretty damn good but an item I forgot to take this time around.

    See you at Runefang on Sat good to have more Dwarf players there especially as it winds up Pete Dunn :)

  2. HA! To right John. I'll actually be staying with Pete on saturday night, and when I told him I was really enjoying dwarfs... "Well you seem to be the only one" ;D

    This list has mainly stayed the same, but if you look up, there is a revised list which is what I'll be bringing.

  3. HA HA that sounds like him wait till the new book comes out in May/August that will really get him started